The next Shaoness Camp in China, directly at the legendary Shaolin Temple, will be held in October (dates coming soon).
For one week the participants will live an absolutely unique cultural, mental, spiritual and physical experience, meeting people and seeing places normally unaccessible to visitors.


Personal meetings with the leading Master's of the Temple, among whom its famous Abbot and the Grand Masters of philosophy and martial arts, will be alternated with time spent living and training with Shaolin monks of all ages, from kids to elders.
Master Shi Xing Mi (Walter Gjergja) will accompany and guide you through all these experiences, as well as conducting a series of daily classes ranging Shaolin philosophy, martial arts, physical training, qigong, medicine and calligraphy, all held in unique temple locations and at times assisted by his Shaolin brothers who are specialists in a particular field.
Every day will begin at sunrise (two days well before sunrise) and conclude shortly after sunset.


Like all Shaoness Camps, this event is accessible to everyone yet is not for everyone. You need to be willing to "empty the cup" and to embrace the experience, for the Shaolin Master can only open the door but it is you who must enter the Temple. It is also necessary to be in sufficient health to be able to take part in physical exercises; you will be challenged to discover and overcome your limits, so whether you are a recreational exerciser or a professional athlete is irrelevant, as both will discover and reset their own limits, mental more than physical.

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The Shaoness Camps are for determined individuals who want to rediscover their energy, overcome their limits, let go of all the burdens accumulated in the past and reboot their body - mind - spirit with maximum energy and serenity. They - you - must be willing to "empty the cup" and to fully embrace the experience, for the Shaolin Master can only open the door but it is you who must enter the Temple, where you will discover the true power of your inner warrior and the true serenity of your inner monk.

4500 € all inclusive, reduced to 3500 €
for bookings before August 1st

The maximum number of participants is twelve and the daily program will be as follows:

  • Daily Shaolin Kung Fu classes learning Shaolin Xiao Hong Quan secrets
  • Daily Shaolin Chan philosophy classes
  • Shaolin health and rejuvenation Qigong with some of Shaolin's leading
  • Qigong Masters
  • Shaolin Chan meditation with some of Shaolin's leading meditation Masters
  • Morning sutra ceremony in the Temple sutra hall (normally not accessible to visitors)
  • Private meetings with some of the most illustrious Masters in the Temple (normally not accessible to visitors)
  • Private visits accompanied by the Masters to the Pagoda Forest, Damo Cave and other unique Shaolin locations.

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