What is Shaoness

For over 1500 years the legendary Shaolin warrior-monks have studied the three elements of the "human ecosystem" - body, mind, spirit - and have developed a complete philosophy and sophisticated method of training, focused on maximising the performance, effectiveness, serenity and wellness of people. These invaluable ancient wisdoms become an indispensable knowledge in the modern times, where the speed of change dictates that performance and effectiveness must be paramount, yet not to the detriment - as they often unfortunately are - of serenity and wellness, but rather as a logical consequence of both!

The method

Shaoness is a unique method which applies key concepts and tools from the vast curriculum of Shaolin culture to the specific needs of dynamic organisations and determined individuals. No illusory modern "magic solutions", which unfortunately don't exist, but also no lengthy traditional "master's ways", which would be too time consuming and dispersive; instead, a modern approach based on traditional methods, focused entirely on inspirational, stimulating, clear, implementable and results-driven application. Through a process of needs assessment, objectives definition, goal setting, methods illustration, implementation and results management, Shaoness becomes a unique Way towards many organisational and personal destinations.